Moose Hunting

Moose were introduced to the province of Newfoundland in 1904 and have increased in population to an estimated 120,000 since that time. A mature bull moose can weigh 1200lbs and greater. While Newfoundland moose don’t have the 60-70 inch spread of their cousins the Alaskan moose, the Newfoundland moose are known to have 40-50 inch trophy spreads and these are definitely available.

Our hunting season starts the second week of September until late October. Early morning and evening is the best time for hunting moose, but they can be spotted at anytime during the day.

Hunters and guides will be travelling by vehicle, ATV, boat or by walking. One of our excellent guides will be your weekly companion and will provide everything possible to ensure that you get your trophy moose.

Guide will handle, clean, cape and transport all meat from the kill site to the butcher. Hunts are available with 1 on 1 guide or 2 on 1 guide if friends want to hunt together.

At Taylor’s Brook Outfitting our moose hunting success rate is 95-100% opportunity while giving 100% effort.

Newfoundland, which is often referred to by locals as “the rock” because of its rugged beauty, is the place to go for your ultimate moose hunting experience.